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A Conference And Concurrent Exhibition 

Materials & Manufacturing Technology

M&MT 2016

with a Focus on Automotive Power Train


24th & 25th February, 2016

Hotel Hyatt Regency Nagar Road,



Drive Line, comprising Engine, Transmission and Axle, is the heart of any vehicle and governs its performance. Stringent emission norms in the recent times have significantly enhanced the operating regime of drive lines with higher operating temperatures, higher pressure and higher power density. This has direct implications and challenging requirements on design, materials and manufacturing processes.

This international conference on “Materials and Manufacturing Technology” M&MT 2016 is focused on emerging trends and industrial practices at the Synergistic Intersection of materials, manufacturing and design for addressing these challenging requirements for the drive lines of automotive and off-highway vehicles. The conference would be structured around following important themes:

  • Materials: Synchronising materials and light weighting materials such as: aluminum, magnesium, titanium, AHSS steel, compacted graphite iron, microalloyed and bainitic steels, sintered materials 
  • Materials : Selection, Standards, Specifications, Gears as per DIN 7

  • Materials Modification and Surface Engineering: High temperature and/or low friction coatings, surface modification processes shot peening, jet peening, laser based modifications, Impregnation technology

  • Emerging Manufacturing Processes: Additive manufacturing, hollow forming, electrochemical machining, metal injection moulding, near net shape forming and other surface finishing

  • Process Equipment - Furnaces: Energy and environment, Fixture, Materials, Instrumentation, Automation, Controls, Vacuum, Induction and high speed processing  Emerging Methods: Analytics, Modeling, Optimization, ICME

  • Interactive Panel Discussion: Failure Analysis