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Connecting. Sharing. Growing.

A professional membership in ASM gives you every imaginable edge you seek in your career. A vibrant, global community of engineers, scientists, technicians, researchers, educators, and students, ASM is like no other association in the industry. Become a member today and benefit from the combined knowledge of tens of thousands of fellow members.

ASM membership is affordable. It's the best way to quickly connect to industry-leading experts, events, education, and reliable technical information.

Individual Annual Membership Fees: $64.00 Renewal: $54.00

Advance with Confidence
ASM membership isn't just job security. It's about helping you accelerate your career by connecting, learning, and growing. Chapter activities, world-renowned conferences and expositions, trusted reference publications, and professional education bring together valuable perspectives from respected leaders in your industry.

Give Back and be Fulfilled
ASM offers countless volunteering, mentoring, and teaching opportunities to fulfill your desire to give back, touch others, and inspire learning for the profession you love.

Develop Treasured Relationships
Originating from more than 100 countries, ASM members are drawn together by a shared interest in the real-world applications of new materials and processes. Friendships, partnerships, vital business contacts, and new companies begin, grow, and thrive through peer connections made with ASM.

Elevate the Profession. Better the World.
ASM membership allows you to be a part of a community that is good for humanity. Our members specify materials so that bridges, buildings, aircraft, and automobiles are strong enough, light enough, and affordable enough to serve their purpose. By reinforcing the critical nature of your daily work, ASM energizes members to aspire to new levels of success and satisfaction for the betterment of society.

Henceforth AM&P Magazine will be provided in soft format only (No hard copy)