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may 14, 15, 16
student material camp - 2018

Venue: metallurgy department, college of engineering - pune

June 11, 12

Foundry Technology with specific focus on Automotive Casting 

Venue: ARAI-Forging Industry Division, Chakan, Pune

Background & Objectives of this programme are as below:

Casting is the oldest manufacturing process and has inherent advantages of Design flexibility, high production rate and ability to produce large & complex shapes. Challenges to Indian Metal Casting Industries are high Cost of technology (Modern equipment’s), Cost of energy and Environment pollutions. The focus is more on Quality (not on the Quantity), Right at first & every time, Waste reduction (improving the productivity), Defect prevention (not on defect rectification) and Reduction in lead time (design & produce). Due to globalisation, Indian foundry must understand changing global scenario, should witness new challenges to face new opportunities to grab.

This course introduces the process of metal casting and provides a broad picture of casting production from designer’s perspective. It illustrates the technology, complexity involved, types of castings, casting design, process selection, methoding, casting tools & equipment’s & quality assurance and key safety and environmental regulations & competitiveness. A detailed coverage of iron melting, solidifications & related processes, metallurgy of casting process & product and identifying casting defects & remedies will be discussed. Characterisation & properties of iron & aluminium alloys and their general applications along with decision making process will be discussed.

The speakers selected for each topic are experts in their field and bring along a rich experience of theory and its application, and has through understanding of Automotive industry requirements.

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