To be the leading resource for the advancement of materials knowledge in education, industry and society.


ASM International benefits the materials community by providing scientific, engineering and technical knowledge, education, networking and professional development.

Founded in the year 1991 in Maharashtra, India, the Pune Chapter of ASM International has been furthering the mission objectives through various activities. The chapter is very interactive with many societies, chapters & organizations and also has a memorandum of understanding with the ASM Detroit Chapter which is one of the oldest chapters. ASM Pune Chapter also supports two student chapters at the College of Engineering, Pune & Singhgad Institute of Technolgy, Pune.

A bit about the Historical city of Pune!Having got its name from the word ''Punya Nagri'' (''Punya'' means Good & ''Nagri'' means City) Pune is on the global map as a fast growing metro and is a hub for major engineering & software industries. Pune is a host to a variety of major educational institutes covering almost all fields of education. The College of Engineering at Pune is over a century old. Also on the world tourist map, Pune is a scenic place and is surrounded with a large number of monuments of historical importance. It has close proximity to the Port, International Airport & is well connected by Road and Railway. In short, Pune is one of the most happening & fast developing places in the world.The Internet is one of the largest mediums of mass communication and provides a very effective means of communication. Time and again the need and importance of an Internet Portal for ASM Pune Chapter has been felt. It is thus a sincere effort of the chapter to fulfill this need and present to the world “The ASM Pune Chapter".

The Executive Committee plays a vital role in the functioning of the Chapter. It consists of experienced prominent personalities from the engineering industry who do contribute well to the cause of the chapter. This is quite evident from the fact that the ASM Pune Chapter has received the Five Star rating for three consecutive years.The Events calendar is well spread throughout the year and covers a variety of topics that elicit ones interest.Similarly a wide range of Training Programmes are organized, all year long, covering various subjects like Heat-Treatment, Non-Destructive Testing, Welding, etc.

The ASM Library is open to all members and has a large collection of books, periodicals, CD's, videos and other reference material covering a variety of Material's Engineering topics.The Pune Chapter has prominent material's engineers from a large spectrum of the industry as its members, having vast experience in their field of expertise and each one can provide valuable material's engineering information. The experiences and knowledge of some have been shared with in the Materials Info. & Solutions. This section also provides a list of reputed consultants from the industry along with their field of expertise.News letters, both past and present, are a good and interesting source of information. ASM Pune Chapter strives to bring out quality articles related to the material's engineering industry along with other quality articles which elicit ones interest through its quarterly News Letter.To sustain it is important to Grow.

​ASM International Pune Chapter have two active Students' Chapters.One at Sinhgad Institute of Engineering (SIET) & Technology andOther at Govt. College of Engineering, (COEP) Pune. Both Chapters are well managed jointly by local Staff In-Charge & Students. This provides Leadership & Team Work opportunities to student members. There are about 20 members in each Students Chapter. Last Year SIET chapter was awarded as Best Students Chapter.Every semester both chapters organize :Minimum two technical talks, and one industrial visit.One Technical Lecture is common for both chapters.Students Chapter, with Main Chapter, jointly organizes few lectures.COEP Chapter is co-organizer of All India Technical Paper Competition for Students named "Meta Vista"/ "Mind    Spark".Few Eminent speakers who delivered Technical Lectures are Dilip Mandavgane of L&T John Deere Pune, Kiran Patil, of Ghatge Patil Industries Limited Kolhapur, Pratap Pawar of Ajay Metachem, Vinit Marathe of VinArc Engineers, Pune.

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